Transformative Communication

The achievement of individual success in an increasingly dynamic and complex world requires diligence in the creation of an appropriate personal brand and its presentation to the outside world by means of the design of a solid communcation strategy, coherent with current reality.

The role of personal branding acts as a catalyst for a change in attitudes and in some cases, a personal transformation that generates actions for continuous improvement. Many people have created a universe that is the intangible brand value. This strategic approach generates a return of business and professional opportunities.

Anna Rovira, stylist and designer

Business Strategy and personal branding

Design of a Business Strategy. Development of a Personal Branding, values and a communication territory for the stylist and designer Anna Rovira.



Jordi Robert-Ribes, expert on relational innovation and international speaker.

Business Strategy and Personal Branding

Support and consultancy on the development of his value proposition and the identification of communication strategies, as much on-line as off-line.  Review of external communication elements, such as corporate identity, web page, and other established communication efforts.

Laura Pelegrín has perfectly understood what we wanted as clients. Not only understand, she has also opened us new perspectives and guide us on which we needed to achieve our goals. She is not satisfied only leverage its expertise in communication, which is a lot. In addition, we have seen its great capacity for work. It has been fully involved in our project. Jordi Robert-Ribes
Founder Director of Connecting Perspectives