Transformative Communication

Nowadays, companies interact with and increasingly complex and demanding context.

Now more than ever, the business objective is to improve competitiveness and provide a real added value.

Communication from a responsible position, is almost mandatory requirement that helps companies grow in productivity and efficiency.

Designing a good communication strategy is essential to achieve business success.




Branding strategy

Branding strategy for Gaimo and a new strategic position for the brand.

Enric Corbera Institute


Strategic partner in branding and communication

Brand management for the new brand in the health sector


Communication and brand strategic plan

Design proposal of a new brand strategy within the context of its market category opportunity.


Brand and communication strategy

Design and implementation of a new brand and communication strategy.

The School of Life


Partner to bring The School of Life to Barcelona

The School of Life is a cultural enterprise offering good ideas for everyday life.

It’s devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture.

The School of Life adresses such issues as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand one’s past, how to achieve calm and how better understand, and where necessary chanfge, the world.

Headquartered in London, it operates around the globe, delivering suc as classes and therapies in person. The School of Life also publishes books, run consulting and training services for businesses.

MEDSIR, Medica Scientia Innovation Research

Strategic partner in corporate communications

Design, management and implementation of the Strategic Communication Plan 2014-2015.

Strategic Partner in all matters of Corporate Communication.


Visual strategy, positioning and corporative branding

Consultancy on the creation of a brand identity, visual strategy and strategic business positioning.

Support in the definition of a new concept for tourist services, distinguished by authenticity and the personalisation of services offered to its clients, and which aims to transform the tourism sector in Catalonia.

Optimistic. Effective. Professional. Without the ability to mediate on the company interests and needs and the graphic designer, the branding implementation of my business vision would not have been possible. Thanks Laura!. Mariona Compte
Director-Ona Tourist Services SCP

Narrative strategy, coaching and social innovation.

Design of a branding strategy and a business strategy to showcase the concept of innovation applied to people (coaching), businesses (narrative strategy) and institutions (social innovation).

Consultancy on the creation of renaming, brand architecture and all elements of visual communication, as well as a strategy for positioning within the market.

Laura is a multitalented professional. Her wide and skilled background supports the talent and rigor which permeates everything that she designs, accompanies and carries though. She brings it an experienced perspective and her own vision. These are values that differentiate her excellent work. Carles Adamuz
Director of Coma

Gild Club

Business and communication strategy

The Gild was created according to a new concept of a club, based on networking, with the aim of promoting relations and trade among local and international companies through exchanging concerns, values and ideas.

The Gild Club offered a framework for business, social and cultural development in the city of Barcelona, according to the values of dynamism, integrity, excellence, innovation and growth.

During my time as Director, I carried out various strategic coordinative tasks relating to the presentation and positioning of the Club within the business world.