Transformative Communication



Branding strategy

Branding strategy for Gaimo and a new strategic position for the brand.

Enric Corbera Institute


Strategic partner in branding and communication

Brand management for the new brand in the health sector

Ajuntament de Barcelona


Communication Strategy

Communication Strategy for the Social Rights Department of the Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology

Global strategy and conceptualization of the Founding Conference

Conceptualization, realization and development of the organization events.


Strategic marketing

Position the Lleida-Alguaire Airport as the industrial airport of Catalonia.

ICREA ( Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats )

New branding and communication strategy

Give value and visibility to the Institution at an international level, as a leader in the construction of a high level scientific elite in Catalonia, being the first to establish a scientific research culture within all its audiences and contributing excellence to the management of public resources in the scientific field.


Strategic communication plan

Design and implementation of a communication strategy to increase the visibility of the evaluation of public policies among its target audiences.


Brand and communication strategic plan in the field of economic promotion

Creating an enduring and relevant brand capable of bringing together all the economic promotion services of the Gavà Town Hall, design and management of a communication strategy.


Brand positioning and communication strategic plan

Design a brand and communication strategy to promote and increase the visibility of the port infrastructures managed by the Government of Catalonia.


Communication and brand strategic plan

Design proposal of a new brand strategy within the context of its market category opportunity.


Advice on the strategic planning of communication and the new Institution brand

Defining the strategic territories of the brand to conceptualise an efficient communication strategy.


Design of a positioning plan for the brand UGT-DIBA and a communication strategy

Conceptualising the new positioning for the union organisation and defining a communication action plan


Brand and communication strategy

Design and implementation of a new brand and communication strategy.

The School of Life


Partner to bring The School of Life to Barcelona

The School of Life is a cultural enterprise offering good ideas for everyday life.

It’s devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture.

The School of Life adresses such issues as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand one’s past, how to achieve calm and how better understand, and where necessary chanfge, the world.

Headquartered in London, it operates around the globe, delivering suc as classes and therapies in person. The School of Life also publishes books, run consulting and training services for businesses.

MEDSIR, Medica Scientia Innovation Research

Strategic partner in corporate communications

Design, management and implementation of the Strategic Communication Plan 2014-2015.

Strategic Partner in all matters of Corporate Communication.

ICREA, Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats

New brand and communication strategy

Design and development of a new brand strategy and communication plan with the aim of increasing the visibility of the institution among its nationally and internationally target audiences.

Anna Rovira, stylist and designer

Business Strategy and personal branding

Design of a Business Strategy. Development of a Personal Branding, values and a communication territory for the stylist and designer Anna Rovira.





Communication management, positioning and corporate image

Communication management of the new Club Esportiu Vila Olímpica brand positioning and global communication management of the Club.

Communication strategy

Design and creation of a strategy for the promotion of a new project by Cáritas Barcelona within the area of occupational training.


Visual strategy, positioning and corporative branding

Consultancy on the creation of a brand identity, visual strategy and strategic business positioning.

Support in the definition of a new concept for tourist services, distinguished by authenticity and the personalisation of services offered to its clients, and which aims to transform the tourism sector in Catalonia.

Optimistic. Effective. Professional. Without the ability to mediate on the company interests and needs and the graphic designer, the branding implementation of my business vision would not have been possible. Thanks Laura!. Mariona Compte
Director-Ona Tourist Services SCP

Narrative strategy, coaching and social innovation.

Design of a branding strategy and a business strategy to showcase the concept of innovation applied to people (coaching), businesses (narrative strategy) and institutions (social innovation).

Consultancy on the creation of renaming, brand architecture and all elements of visual communication, as well as a strategy for positioning within the market.

Laura is a multitalented professional. Her wide and skilled background supports the talent and rigor which permeates everything that she designs, accompanies and carries though. She brings it an experienced perspective and her own vision. These are values that differentiate her excellent work. Carles Adamuz
Director of Coma

Generalitat de Catalunya

Organisation of the Centenary of the Office of the Inspector General for Employment

Organisation of the acts of celebration for the centenary of the Office of the Inspector General for Employment, which included an institutional event and a commemorative exhibition.

Generalitat de Catalunya

Event organisation – The President Macià Medals and Awards

Organisation of the annual Ministry of Employment event which awards the maximum distinctions in working life and gives recognition to individuals career paths.

Generalitat de Catalunya

Campaign on Training

At the end of 2007, the financial crisis began to take effect and the loss of jobs made it necessary to create a campaign to encourage training as one of the tools for reintegrating and reinventing oneself professionally.

Generalitat de Catalunya

Corporate Image – Self-employed (or Freelance) work

Design of a visual image for policies aimed at the self-employed in Catalonia.

Generalitat de Catalunya

Campaign on Business Projects – “Project yourself”

Creation of a brand and communication strategy for the programme PROJECTA’T (PROJECT YOURSELF), which helped to create and consolidate the business projects of thousands of entrepreneurs.

Generalitat de Catalunya

Conference – She Leader 2.0

Creation and organisation of the first conference on female leadership organised by the Ministry of Employment, with the aim of generating confidence in women in management and breaking the so-called glass ceiling, one of the causes of inequality between men and women in management spheres.

Generalitat de Catalunya

Corporate Identity “In work, equality”

Creation of graphic and visual identity in all efforts relating to the promotion of equality between men and women in work.  A brand, a graphic code and illustrated artwork were sought in order to reflect the different work-related situations and contexts in which women are placed in an unequal position.

Generalitat de Catalunya

Social Network Strategy – Work 2.0

With the aim of bringing the working activity of institutions closer to the public and creating worthwhile relations between them, one of the first communication 2.0 strategies in social networking in the Catalan institutional sphere was designed.

Generalitat de Catalunya

Campaign on Direct Marketing – “Don’t wash your hands”

Development of a personalised campaign aimed at business owners to raise awareness of the importance of following workplace safety regulations in all sectors.

Generalitat de Catalunya

Campaign on The Prevention Of Workplace Accidents

By means of a viral campaign, information bulletins and advertising spots, aimed both at business owners and employees, the intention was to produce a change in attitudes and behaviour in working relations.

Generalitat de Catalunya

Campaign on Workplace Safety

Keeping with values and the potency of the FC Barcelona brand, a campaign was carried out to raise awareness of the importance of workplace safety in all spheres, including that of sports.

Generalitat de Catalunya


Campaign on Occupational Hazards

By means of a provocative, direct campaign the intention was to place workplace mortality at the centre of public debate.  The aim of the campaign was to promote dialogue between business owners and employees in order to improve workplace safety.

After working with Laura Pelegrín more than six years in the communication and marketing world, let me say that she is an excellent professional, involved, problem solver and she always find the best solution. When you have to choose who to entrust with your project, Laura is a person who you can trust and she is highly professional. Credibility, innovative, creative thinker are some of her most outstanding skills. Mar Serna
Minister of Employment at Generalitat de Catalunya (2006 – 2010)

Jordi Robert-Ribes, expert on relational innovation and international speaker.

Business Strategy and Personal Branding

Support and consultancy on the development of his value proposition and the identification of communication strategies, as much on-line as off-line.  Review of external communication elements, such as corporate identity, web page, and other established communication efforts.

Laura Pelegrín has perfectly understood what we wanted as clients. Not only understand, she has also opened us new perspectives and guide us on which we needed to achieve our goals. She is not satisfied only leverage its expertise in communication, which is a lot. In addition, we have seen its great capacity for work. It has been fully involved in our project. Jordi Robert-Ribes
Founder Director of Connecting Perspectives

Gild Club

Business and communication strategy

The Gild was created according to a new concept of a club, based on networking, with the aim of promoting relations and trade among local and international companies through exchanging concerns, values and ideas.

The Gild Club offered a framework for business, social and cultural development in the city of Barcelona, according to the values of dynamism, integrity, excellence, innovation and growth.

During my time as Director, I carried out various strategic coordinative tasks relating to the presentation and positioning of the Club within the business world.