Transformative Communication

Its power to transform is what makes us passionate

We are a team of experts in strategic communication and corporate global executive that helps organisations to be meaningful among their audience to generate economic and social value.

We believe in a hand-crafted, collaborative approach, committed to the projects that we lead with our clients.

Laura Pelegrín

Founder Director

Linking people, Leading projects

Throughout my professional career, I have approached leading communication strategy projects and corporate global executive from different angles: from strategy to execution, from a political-institutional and business point of view, from a local to international level, from traditional media to new technologies, from teamwork to leadership, from art to reason.


These contrasting experiences have given me a broad and unique vision to be able to innovate and inspire changes through communication.

Collaboration is the key of Transformative Communication

We lead a unique team of international talent with the aim to guarantee the highest quality in the results of each action.


We have set up a network with international talent made up of people from different disciplines such as creativity, design, social innovation, narrative strategy, audiovisual production, technological development, digital communication, art, political science, philosophy and sociological research, among other specialties.